Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spending and Material Log: EDI

EDI 1.0
Cost: $115.65 ($154.55 total)

$24.00 2 yd 4 way Spandex, Metallic Silver
$12.00 1 yd 4 way Spandex, Metallic Black
$12.00 2 yd Rayon Lycra, Charcoal
$13.86 Shipping, SpandexWorld
$21.64 Bra, Black
$3.24   1 yd Vinyl, 12 gauge
$5.38   1 pk 2mm Craft Foam (4 sheets used)
$1.93   2 sheets 2mm Craft Foam
$2.45   26" Sport Zipper, Nu Grey
$1.77   22" Invisible Zipper, Nu Grey (not used, too short)
$1.07   Velcro, Black
$5.40   Vinyl Glue
$4.91   Duct Tape (for head double)
$2.01   Bottle of Coke (Visor)
$3.99   Eye Shadow, Silver Lining

Other Costs:
$39.90 Shoes (Tobious Cosplayous bought)

On Hand:
1/2 yd 4 way Spandex, Metallic Pewter
Neoopaque Paint, Black
Lumiere Paint, Pearlescent White
Hot Glue Sticks
Thread, Sharkskin Grey
Paint Brushes and Trays
Plastic Bags (to stuff head double)
Orange Sharpies
Rayon Lycra Scraps, Black
Cream Face Paint, White
BB Cream
Eyeliner, Black
Eyeliner, Silver
Lipstick, Silverwitch
Face Powder, Translucent
Eyeshadow, Gunmetal
Cosmetic Brushes

EDI 1.5 Upgrades
Updated total: $217.05 ($256.95)

$80 2 yd custom printed spandex
$7.30 Snazaroo light grey face paint
$2.50 Snazaroo white face paint, refill size
$3.25 Covergirl eye shadow in Silver Lining
$8.35 Ben Nye setting spray
$3.67 Butt pad

On Hand:
Black craft foam
Print outs of the gun
More thread
More hot glue

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