Monday, June 17, 2013

Costume: Yuna

Oh Yuna. She's probably my favorite Final Fantasy lady (Reeve Tuesti is in fact my fav Final Fantasy dude) though Shelke is a close second. She's so dignified and amazing. I just knew I had to cosplay her since in all honestly I wanted to be her. She's really the first character where that's been the case; I like the characters I cosplay and think most of them are cool but I wouldn't necessarily want to be them. Also her skirt is just freaking beautiful.

I, of course, made this realization about a month before San Diego Comic Con 2012. I'd just finished the game and I knew I had to cosplay her. Given how much detail and just how many things she wears I knew a month would be pushing it but as soon as I got back from Savcon I started on her (I remember this because I remember fabric shopping with my BFF Forever before she continued her return trip out West from that con). Luckily there's been like ten years for amazing cosplayers on the Internet to figure out amazing ways to make Yuna costumes so there was a lot of good ideas for some of the crazier aspects (mainly that obi bow).

She's one of the few costumes I really enjoyed making, while all that floral detailing was murder on my back I enjoyed painting it and I really love that design. When I retire this version I plan on making the skirt into a dress I can wear or using it as a quilt back since I really do love how that pattern came out.

But yes I am remaking Yuna. I plan to start sometime after San Diego Comic Con 2013. I doubt the fully redone version will be done for A-Fest but parts will be.

Things I plan to improve:
Skirt: needs a fabric more suited to pleating, make the pleats shallower
Obi: Don't rush the floral painting and use a paint that doesn't clump as much Also see about making the bow larger/more prominent
Shirt: Try rayon/lycra to see if that sits better
Sleeves: Maybe remake, depends how worn out they look after SDCC

I'm technically on staff version 1.5, I was in a rush for A-Fest so I ended up making the head out of cardboard since the plastic I'd bought hadn't worked out. It looked alright in photos but was only a temp fix. For Anime Matsuri I decided to get it spiffed up. I carved the head assembly from glued together balsa planks then coated it in fiberglass resin. I also had a friend saw it into three parts, I wanted the head and the brownish bottom part to screw off so I could fit it in my luggage for SDCC 2013 since I'm flying this year. I even found mascara tubes that screw together and perfectly fit inside the broom handle I'd used as the base of my staff. Sadly the epoxy I'd used to affix said tubes degraded their plastic so one unfortunate dropping of the staff later and the connector for the staff head was shattered (and part of the staff head chipped, fiberglass resin needs fabric/fiber to be strong apparently). I was able to hot glue the head to the staff and I've filled in the chipped bits but I'm not happy with this staff. I plan to make one of her other ones to replace this one. I also plan to make one of her arm shield things too. :)

Series: Final Fantasy X
Construction Time: 2 months
Cost: $190.64
Materials and Construction: Log
Debut: San Diego Comic Con 2012
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

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