Thursday, November 20, 2014

Costume: Lolita!Reeve Tuesti (Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

Reeve is my favorite FF guy. Like out of all of them. It's him. I know it's stupid but like out of everyone from FF7 at least he's the closest to normal, not forever brooding, actually a contributing member of society that we get. Also cat robots.

I bought the blue material for a steal in July intending to make Reeve's actual coat eventually which is normally the kiss of death for actually completing a project. But winter rolled around and I wasn't feeling my then go to winter coat any more (a wool coat that has had a long, storied life even before me) so I decided why mot make that Reeve coat? And I could make it suited to lolita so I could have a coat to wear with my lolita~! And that's literally how this came to be. I use it more as an everyday coat than a cosplay item honestly but it's still fun to have.

Series: Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus
Construction Time: ~1 week
Cost: $54.35
$40.17 Medieval blue 100% wool
$4.86 Grey dual sep zip
$4.32 Bias tape maker
$5.00 5 yd bolt of lining
On hand:
Gear charms
Grey fabric (left over from Siren lolita)
Hair clip
Cait Sith plush
Debut: Ikkicon 2012
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Costume: Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail)

I really wanted to do something from Fairy Tail, I have a lot of friends who cosplay Fairy Tail and I like it so I wanted to do it. I had thought about doing Lucy as she is a precious little boo but I also knew I had this blue wig in my wig box that would be perfect for Levy and Levy is ALSO a precious boo. Originally I was going to do her white shorts and bathing suit top outfit as I thought I'd be able to find all the pieces off the rack (very wrong). This was pretty last minute before Anime Fest but I still finished her in time. I always have to have one costume I'm rushing to finish before Anime Fest. It's tradition at this point.

Construction is pretty basic, only notable things are that while stretch gets the look of the art for some reason this combo is a beast to hide undergarments beneath. Also I messed up the grain of the lining on the sleeves so they aren't very stretchy so they take a minute to put on. The wig isn't a lace front, it's a normal wig with the bangs pinned and fluffed into the bouffant. Her hair band (which is made of  a scrap of lining material) hides those bobby pins. I'm pretty happy with her, especially with how quick and cheap she was though I can't wear her for about half the year here as it's a drafty costume and it can't be worn if it's windy.

Series: Fairy Tail
Construction Time: ~1 week
Cost: $31.08
Materials and Construction:
$8.27 Blue Arda wig (won on eBay)
$3.89 1 yd Lining
$12.87 1 yd spandex
$6.05 .86 yd white rayon lycra
$22.54 bustier
On hand:
Ace bandage
Black and red fabric paints
Pink and red craft foam
Bobby pins
Old glasses
Hot glue
Blue wig cap
Debut: Anime Fest 2014
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation