Thursday, June 13, 2013

Costume: Madame du Pompadour

After adding grommets for lacing and improved panniers, 2014
A very fun costume, I made the skirt a little short by error but it came in very handy when running through the Gaslamp District on a Flynn Lives mission! I made proper panniers and replaced the zip in back with grommets so I can lace it really tight so it looks less baggy and also redid the skirt. Now to get pictures one day!
First time I wore it, back when it had a zip.
Series: Doctor Who
Construction Time: 2 weeks
Cost: ?
Materials and Construction: Home Decor Brocade, lace, really wide lace, grommets, blue broadcloth, steel boning, gold ribbon, striped ribbon, blue dye, yet more lace, cream ribbon, pearls, pearl earrings, a corset (homemade) and loooots of hairspray
Debut: San Diego Comic Con 2009
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

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