Thursday, June 13, 2013

Costume: Space Paranoids! Sora

The keyblade I made was a fan design, my theme was Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (I'm a history major/nerd). It sadly got destroyed in a move. I had fond memories of that hanging proudly in my living room.
Series: Kingdom Hearts 2
Construction Time: 2 months
Cost: ?
Materials and Construction: Unitard, navy blue dye, broadcloth, newspaper, glue, cardboard, hot glue, navy spray paint, hairspray, brown wig, craft foam, velcro, gloves, grey tank top, navy socks, sneakers, duct tape, reflective tape, hot glue, face paint, loooots of eye shadow. Keyblade: Dowel, wire, craft foam, paperclay, acrylic paints, ribbon, silver spray paint, craft gems, newspaper, bracelet, gold spray paint, hot glue
Debut: ALA 07
Final Appearance: A-Kon 2009

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