Monday, June 17, 2013

Costume: Knockout

Knockout is sassy. I think we'd had maybe two episodes with him when I decided I wanted to cosplay him and we hadn't seen just how sassy he even was then. But oh if there was one fictional character I'm like it's probably Knockout. I'm vain, cannot stand to be seen unless I'm fabulous, love racing and cars and can hold a fierce grudge. I can also put together a snappy come back or one liner every so often too. :) I love how shiny he is and I love all the detailing that gets to shine through since TF:P is down with 3D models. There's just so much detail I can add in!

I was also very lucky in that my BFF Forever agreed to make Breakdown (Knockout needs his Breakdown, who else could possibly buff him? *sobs*) and we were just freaking fabulous. We even made it into a slide show on the front page of Popular Science!

One of these days I will actually get around to putting together a proper work log for Knockout, I have a folder of in progress pics and there was definitely some trial and error that those who come behind me can learn from.

My favorite thing about this costume is my most prominent deviation from his standard design. Because the tribal flames he has along his doors are hideous I thought I'd do a specialty deco. In the racing world there's this cool kind of specialty deco where people sign and doodle all over it. I thought a cool souvenir would be to have people, be it friends or celebrities, sign or doodle on the doors. I'm really happy with how the deco looks and even happier with the memories represented by those signatures and doodles. :)

 Series: Transformers: Prime
Construction Time: 4 months
Cost: $236.57
Materials and Construction: Spandex, Satin, Craft Foam, Foam Board, Balsa, Spray Paint, Assorted Plastics, Hot Glue Log
Design Sketches: Log
Debut: Botcon 2012
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

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