Thursday, June 27, 2013

Favorite (And Least Favorite) Commercial Patterns

 I don’t use commercial patterns all too often, especially for cosplay. I really try to make cosplay straight from scratch but sometimes I do use patterns. Especially for bodices.

I don’t think I’ve actually made a blouse of any nature from this I’ve just made dresses! But they fit really well once I made a few slight adjustments to the pattern itself.

Image from
Simplicity 3637
I use the bodice for this a lot but that’s because it fits me really well since I don’t have much curves up top. It’s a favorite for lolita dresses but is my go to for any costume that needs a square neckline or to be stupid fitted to my torso.

Image from
Simplicity 4381
Best. Basic. Pants. Pattern. I use it for all pants and bloomers I make. Love love love it.

Simplicity 9613 (Vintage)
Alright but so similar to M6035 that I just use that one now.
I’ve only used the cape pattern from this but it worked well for my Riddler hench cape.

Not a Fan
It just doesn’t go together well and it is hard to not have your undergarments showing.

Least Favorites
This one doesn’t fit well at all, with period undergarments or without. Either it is designed for someone with very strange dimensions or something happened during printing. This wasn't one that could be saved with some alteration, it gave me a completely unusable garment (thank goodness I tested it in muslin first!).

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