Thursday, June 13, 2013

Costume: Lolita!Dante

It was about 2 weeks before Anime Fest that I finished Devil May Cry 4 and I had an absolute burning need to cosplay from that game. But with two weeks to my next convention I knew I wouldn't be able to make something from scratch since all the characters have delightfully detailed models. I honestly don't remember what prompted me to dig through my closet to make a closet cosplay but I do remember that once I was pulling things out I knew I'd be able to do a rocking lolita version of Dante (he's my fav character of possibly all time, and he was just soooo ridiculously good looking in 4).

I squeed when I saw this fountain, it looks straight out of Fortuna!

The props and "buckles" are the only things I made, everything else was literally pulled out of my closet. I knew I would need props to really make it obvious who I was so I settled on Ebony (I had a really good toy gun, just had to paint the grip and gold pieces) and Pandora. I only decided to do Pandora since I couldn't find a good enough gun to be Ivory and I lucked out and found enough things to cobble together a Pandora. Pandora is made from: A briefcase, matte black spray paint, shiny black acrylic paint, silver spray paint, duct tape (the bit around the head) part of a Halloween door knocker and the edges of some picture frames (the silver corner bits). I think it cost me maybe $20. There's still some detailing I'd like to do (the yellow glow painting). Oh and the "buckles" I used to cover the buttons on my vest are just the cork caps from various sparkling wines that I glued to freebie buttons from last SDCC.

And yes I did my best to get as many pics with pizza and pizza related things as I could because Dante/Pizza is my OTP.

Series: Devil May Cry 4
Construction Time: 3 days
Cost: ~$20
Materials and Construction: Closet Cosplay
Debut: Anime Fest 2012
Final Appearance: Still in rotation!

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