Sunday, June 9, 2013

Costume: Arcee 1.0

Unfortunately I did not have the foresight to do a good work log, I do have a haphazard after the fact one here. It wasn't standard at the time to document these things, I'm glad that with the creation of Transcostumers we have made that a semi-standard process and also made the world of robot costuming a much more open and collaborative place. It feels kind of cool to have been part of making that happen. I love costuming this kind of stuff because of the challenge. I'm working up to a mech, due to my small size and feminine shape that is pretty much as challenging as costuming can go.

This was my second costume using covered craft foam for armor. The previous costume, done a year before, was a much simpler chest piece with with attached shoulders and built out thigh armor. While I was familiar with the materials used because of the previous costume, this costume was a nice challenge because of the back attachments and more detailed shapes as well as figuring out how to make the costume comfortable enough to put on and wear without help for an entire day. My best idea was to veer from the traditional full helmet that was (and still is) standard to a faceless helmet and a mask that could slide up up under the helmet. Being able to quickly get fresh air or unobscured vision was a dream.

But, here is the summary from my costume lookbook:
Series: Transformers: Animated
Construction Time: 2 months (about 135 hours)
Cost: About $120, including all repair materials
Materials and Construction: Craft foam base "armor" covered in broadcloth fabric. Back kibble papercard base covered in fabric and attached to a 1" ribbon harness. Black leotard and black stirrup leggings with pink jersey accents sewn on. Mask constructed of uncovered craft foam with lame backed eye holes and elastic bands to secure it to the wearer's head.

All pieces slip on excepting the chest plate which has a right shoulder/neck zip and hook and loop tape to connect the front underarm panels to the back. The belt also opens and closes with hook and loop tape to make it easier to put on.
Debut: A-Kon 2008
Final Appearance: Disney Concert Hall Transcostumers Photo Shoot, 2009
Awards: 1st in 2-D Animation Based Division, All-con 2009
               Transcostumers Featured Costume: Winter 08-09

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