Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spending and Material Log: Arcee 2.0

So, since I actually keep almost all my receipts and tend to be able to remember what of my on hand stuff I used I thought I'd log that for my own records. See how much actually went into these beasts. Then I realized I would have loved to have gone through someone's materials and spending log when I was just starting out (I still would, I love finding out how other people do things~) so I'm going to type up the ones I have. Only my most recent costumes have these so far but I'm going to try and do them for all future costumes (not including Schwarz since I've somehow lost ALL of his receipts). All amounts include tax (.0825 here) as well.

So first up, the pink bot. My second pink bot.
Total Cost: $137.31

$40      Spandex World (same order as Knockout)
            -3 yd Rayon Lycra, Hot Pink (about 1yd left over)
            -2 yd Rayon Lycra, White (no leftovers)
$22.61 26 Sheets 3mm Craft Foam, various colors
$1.60   2x Velcro, White
$4.27   2x Foam Board, White
$.54     Poster Board, Black
$.54     Poster Board, White
$2.58   1 pck Twill Tape, Black
$4.79   1 bag Mini Glue Sticks, Hi Temp
$3.02   Thread, Hot Pink
$9.72   Boots, Kelis Wedge from Target
$6.50   Leggings
$41.14 Spanx

On Hand:
Mask from Arcee 1.0
1/4" Elastic, White
Leather Gloves, White
Scoop Neck Leotard, Black
Rayon Lycra, Black
Autobot Vinyl Decal

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