Saturday, June 14, 2014

Costume: Unnamed Heroine (Amnesia)

I love Amnesia, it's such a good, if crazy, story and the character design and art is just candy for the eyeballs. Naturally I was stoked when the anime was announced and one day in Joann's I saw the PERFECT fabric for her dress. So I though, eh why not?

The dress is simple though the amount of pintucks meant it took this side of forever to make. I just use a black jacket I've had for years since I've always known noone was going to recognize this one in person let alone that my jacket is kinda off. It's a pretty niche show/visual novel. The flowers are actually fake ranunculus as that looks more like anime roses than actual roses. I still can't find hosiery that looks like her's but I've been experimenting with layering different types. Hoping the white fishnets and loose weave black ones I've just gotten recently will pair well with my red ones and look closer to hers. The wig actually has pink tips but they're pretty faint just like hers are.

I wish hats and wigs didn't hate each other. This beret hats staying on.
The wig actually has pink tips but they're pretty faint just like hers are. The tint of her hair is not nearly as pronounced as it is with like every other character.

Series: Amnesia (Visual Novel)
Construction Time: ~3 days
Cost: $114.36
Materials and Construction: 
$1.80 Black diamond tights
$5.00 Red heart tights
$6.50 Black lattice tights (were replaced by black diamond)
$1.73 White fishnet tights
$1.08 Black knit beret
$10.37 2 sprigs pink ranunculus
$1.95 Cruise blue thread
$3.20 22" Icy blue invis zip
$3.24 ciel zip (unused)
$5.99 White purse
$13.58 Wig
$34.62 Contacts
$25.30 Blue radiance wrinkle free cotton
On hand:
white sateen
craft foam
Debut: SDCC 2013
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

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