Saturday, June 14, 2014

Costume: Serena (Pokemon X/Y)

No joke I adore X/Y. The story speaks to me on such a level that I'm pretty sure they had the present 20 something market in mind in addition to the normal kids because like you have no idea how logical (though still batshit in the end) Team Flare's premise and Lysandre's plan are. Or maybe you do if you've played it. There's also the part where I look a lot like Serena, like I don't even have to wear a wig with this sucker.

The costume is pretty simple since Pokemon designs (wigs aside) tend to be pretty practical. The shirt was a shirt from Target I modified. So far I've worn it only in winter so my photos all feature fleece lined tights but I have the black version of my Kirara fake stocking pantyhose for summer. The hat, purse and shoes are from eBay though I did paint the pokeballs on the shoes. The "sunglasses" are actually craft foam since I couldn't find any prescription sunglasses that looked like hers. The skirt is made from red stretch sateen since I had it and it is a decent bottom weight. I love that this costume has pockets and a purse.

I feel like in addition to Phil the Camera guy there should have been a selfie option in the game.
Looking at it now I realize I should take in the waist of the skirt so it sits at my natural waist but other than that all I need to do now is wearing it and get pics! Or I might remake the top too using a very dark grey for the bodice and then black for the collar. /perfectionism

Series: Pokemon X/Y
Construction Time: ~3 days
Cost: ~$42.44
Materials and Construction:
$8.28 wig
$3.98 Grey blouse
$12.50 black converse
$8.62 Pink purse
$3.12 black faux thigh highs
$5.94 Pink hat
Black top
On hand:
craft foam
red sateen
fabric paint
red zip
pokemon plushes
Debut: Ikkicon 2013
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

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  1. Hello! I'm working on Serena right now and I'll be sewing the skirt. I was curious where you possibly bought the items (top and purse) before I start patterning them out? :D

    I found a hat on Amazon that was red but I am curious about your pink one and I haven't had as much luck on ebay for the pink purse.