Saturday, June 14, 2014

Costume: Iori Rinko (Gundam Build Fighters

I love Build Fighters, okay?? And Rinko is just the cutest Wing-mom ever. I decided to do her summer outfit since A-kon is in June and I was worried about melting. I ended up being cold while we were inside soooo I totally could have done her normal turtleneck and jeans. Oh well.

It's a super simple outfit. I got the shorts from Goodwill (they're listed as a size 13 which had both me and cashier laughing) and the sweater from from eBay which I then had to take in by about 4" on each side and an 1" on each sleeve. The wig was recycled from Vivi and I tried to dye it a bit more navy but that didn't work out. The hardest/most awkward part of this costume was faking the chest. Real talk, I'm an A and even with the inserts I use for EDI it just wouldn't even put me near Rinko's league. So I went with the old school drag queen method of rice and pantyhose and there's a reason it's the go to cheap-y method.

Even so I still am not quite up to Rinko's level but anything more than a D looks utterly ridiculous on me. It was fun wearing her though, I just need to further tame that horrid wig.

Series: Gundam Build Fighters
Construction Time: ~1 day
Cost: $18.87
Materials and Construction:
$6.59 Sweater
$5.00 Shorts
$6.20 Bra
$1.08 Rice
Oh hand:
Debut: A-kon 25 (2014)
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

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