Saturday, June 14, 2014

Costume: Jiji (Princess Jellyfish)

This started out as a closet cosplay for wearing around when we're partying and such at night. It's super simple and comfortable to wear and we like hanging out as the Amars together. Originally it was a straight up closet cosplay but I've since invested a little money in it for a new sweater that was just about a perfect match. I just had to take in the sweater since it turns out it was a men's large not a women's so it was far baggier than I wanted. That wasn't too hard though. Also I know the otter socks are kinda out of place but they're super cute and really look like something a grandma would wear which is exactly Jiji's style.
I'm pretty sure she dresses like a grandma in an attempt to attract foxy older gentlemen. And okay yeah I toned down the mismatched colors a bit because I just can't handle looking like that much of a train wreck. If she could better coordinate colors and had longer hair then she would literally be anime me.

I actually used a scrap of what glissenette in order to do the glare of her glasses, just a few dots of hot glue to get them in place and bam, I can still pretty much see but you can't see my eyes! :D I did end up needing to look over my glasses a few times but that was because we were cruising artist alley looking for fine art of handsome older gentlemen and I was on the hunt for Lysandre art (of which there was none, sob).

Series: Princess Jellyfish
Construction Time: ~1 hour
Cost: $20 (For the sweater, off of eBay)
Materials and Construction: Blue Scout Mom's wig, glissenette for glasses, a bit of hot glue, pink blouse, sweater, brown capris, socks, shoes
Debut: A-kon 25 (2014)
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

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