Saturday, June 14, 2014

Costume: Beauty Class Trainer (Pokemon X/Y)

My feet didn't have enough style points to really pull off those shoes. My legs are still sore from wearing those and EDI's shoes for half the weekend.
I already had a Serena costume by the time the thought to do this one rolled around and I was thinking of just wearing Serena again to A-kon 25 but one of my friends was debuting her Serena at A-kon and I didn't want to step on her toes. I know people can wear the same costume at the same time but I really prefer not to. There was also the part where the people who'd cosplayed the random trainers at Anime Matsuri had clearly had a lot of fun so I had that in mind when looking at other options.

And then I ran into one of the Beauty class trainers in Lumiose and was like "Well heck, I won't even need to buy anything and I can reuse those shoes from military ball that I haven't worn in a decade and then I get to carry around my sunglasses and a snack to boot!"

Yes I do have my 3DS in my back pocket because streetpasses and being able to challenge people to battles.
I did have to buy a baguette and oddly enough a black camisole since it turns out I don't have one of those after all (what have I even been wearing with Xion then??). I also decided to make a Drifblim because it would have been weird for a minor trainer to be walking around with a Fennekin and I wasn't sure if I'd find a Fletchinder or Fletchling plush at con (since Fletchinder is what one Aimee uses and I dig that little bird dude). Also because Driffles is one of my fav pokemon. :D

Originally the plan was to put a helium balloon into Driffles so he'd float buuuuut it turns out the broadcloth was too heavy. Going to try a wire that attaches either to my bra band or into my hair to hold him to he can float. He's just so expressive though, so much fun to take photos of! I also took my little Litwick with me and got an Eevee at the con.
Don't mind me, just going off to lead some children to their death~
I know, I'm far more suited to being a Hex Maniac. Also we totally battled a dude in the Anatole's parking lot and we one shot won with Fly and got his pocket change. That's how you get laundry quarters in the Pokemon world, folks! Also I'm going to do Diantha next because F Yeah Kalos is the best. Also I totally won't even need to buy anything except another set of clip in bangs and some extensions for her.

Series: Pokemon X/Y
Construction Time: A day
Cost: $5 (camisole and broadcloth for Driffles)
Materials and Construction: Clip in bangs (from Puchiko), black camisole, jeans, belt, shoes, paper bag (from the comic book store), baguette, soda can box, sunglasses, pokeball, broadcloth, heat and bond, cotton balls, a tiny bit of hot glue and balloons.
Debut: A-kon 25 (2014)
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

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  1. Nice to see Trainers other than the game protagonists, especially if they take their 3DS to the cons for battling! xD Same for that awesome Drifblim! Reminds me that my Pokémon club and I actually made sky lanterns with Pokémon designs like this and this, and saved an actual Driflblim for the end, with arms, cotton head and all. It had difficulty rising, but it eventually did xP Add me on fb if you wish.

    Your "unstylish" feet look beautiful and the shoes did match a Beauty's :) Nice detail on your clothes, sunglasses and the baguette. Great cosplay!