Thursday, March 27, 2014

Closet Costume: Xion (Kingdom Hearts 358/2)

This sounds ridiculous to call this a closet cosplay, I know. But I really do just have an Organization XIII coat chilling in my closet. I made it back in college when I needed a heavy winter coat and thought I could maybe do a Vexen cosplay without needing a wig (I knew I couldn't and the only cons I went to after making it were summer ones so it never got cosplay usage).

It was a pain in the butt to make the coat, part of the issue was finding a coat weight wool because back then the Joanns in the rural place where I was didn't even have any of any color (they now have several including the blue I used for my Reeve Tuesti coat). I ended up getting a butt ton for what actually was a great price ($60 for 6 yards) in the LA Fabric district when I went home for spring break. It seemed so expensive at the time though and now I still am trying to work my way through all that fabric even after making a heartless plush from it too. I used a pattern from the 70s because it had the right seams (excepting pockets and rain-guard but those were easy to add). I also ordered a custom zipper because I couldn't find a metal zip in that length but I learned why because that thing is wavy as bacon. The chain deco is made from a charm bracelet, some pretty buttons, silver cording and a set of earrings I found at Walmart.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the coat though I want to replace the zip with a plastic one, adjust the lining a little bit and put some boning in the pocket edges so I don't need to snap them closed to sit right. But it's a warm cosplay that is now very simple with the Haruka wig I have. I actually got another wig in order to do Zexion but I'm debating if I'll do that after all. There really is only one or two cons I go to that are winter cons so that wig might be better left as is for lolita outfits or for a future cosplay.

Series: Kingdom Hearts
Construction Time: None
Cost: $0
Materials and Construction: Haruka wig, black camisole, black thermal leggings, socks, black gloves, riding boots, Organization XIII coat
Debut: Ikkicon 2013
Final Appearance: Still in Rotation

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