Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Book Review: Draping Basics

Di Marco, S. (2010.) Draping Basics. Fairchild Books. isbn:9781563677366

Howdy everyone! Since I'm running low on cosplay specific books I thought I'd venture into the world of books that could help you make cosplay, so things about sewing, draping, working with plastics, etc. I figured I'd start off on some very good draping books since this not only is a useful skill for making dresses and cloth costumes it is also helpful for making armor and robots. None of these books show draping with craft foam for armor obviously (how cool would that be if they did) but a lot of the same ideas are at play. That is placing foam where the final armor will be and playing drawing on seams and cutting and adjusting until you get it right. And yes, I do have some craft foam draping tuts in the works! They're still a little ways out though.

The first thing this book does is lay out and explain the tools that professionals use to drape. While it is nice to have all of these tools don't be afraid to start going at it if all you have is a dress form, a marker, some tape and scissors. But the explanation of what each of these things are and their purpose is really helpful.

Next the author gives you an overview of a standard dress form, explaining everything you may ever need to know. This isn't necessary to memorize but is very handy as a reference should you ever encounter anything that seems unfamiliar. The same could be said of the tools section.

Once you get to the actual draping the author starts out with a fairly simple skirt then eases into harder and more complex items like inset sleeves. She also shows how she uses the tools which I find very helpful, just as helpful as how she uses gingham fabric for her draping. Muslin is pretty but something with lines is like using graph paper which I find more helpful. Also all your different patterns can be different colors of gingham so if you want to reuse a pattern that the blouse pattern you really like is the lavender gingham and the long sleeve one is pink.
She also shows some more complex things like cowl necklines which I wouldn't really think to put in what is clearly a beginners books but it is handy to have if you ever need to do some of those stranger things like cowls or yokes. It makes it a fairly complete reference book for modern clothing cuts.

10/10 A very good and thorough reference book on draping and draping tools. Easy for a beginner to use and good to look back on if you've got experience but something is stumping you.

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